Cannabis Lab Solutions 

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Cannabis Laboratory Solutions

UniMax Floor Mount hood enclosures are recognized and accepted by local fire marshalls for the Cannabis industry. Additionally, HEMCO offers UniFlow benchtop fume hoods that are available with explosion proof services and fire suppression & can include lab furniture, countertops, sinks & faucets.


Cannabis  Walk-In hoods, chemical resistant

UniMax Specs

Cannabis Walk-In fume hoods, modular construction


Floor mounted Walk-In fume hoods, modular construction

Fire Suppression

UniMax Fire Suppression Systems for Cannabis

UniFlow Hoods

Complete line of UniFlow Fume Hoods

SE Fume Hoods

High efficiency, energy savings, user protection

LE Fume Hoods

Full duty, energy savings, user protection

CE Fume Hoods

Space and energy savings, low flow constant volume

 Enclosures for Lab Automation

 Enclosures for Lab Automation

Enclosures for Lab Automation

Enclosures for Lab Automation